Nature's Key

Nature's Key

Nature's Key utilizes solventless extraction methods via rosin press for a full-spectrum, pure cannabis edible experience. Their special edible recipes are crafted to mix perfectly with the delicious cannabis rosin for a symphony of chocolatey-cannabisy goodness. We like Nature's Key for their brownies, chocolate bars, and other delicious cannabis edible treats that patients love - sometimes a little bit too much.

Craft Cannabis Company


Edmond, Oklahoma

Conveniently located on the corner of 33rd St. & Clay Dr, between Walgreens & Edmond Health Care Center.

| Medical Only 18+ |

Yukon, Oklahoma

Conveniently located Next to Good Morning Doughnuts just south of Reno Ave & Cemetery Rd. 

| Medical Only 18+ |

331 Cemetery Rd, Yukon, OK 73099

(405) 407-1993

Sunday:  10am - 6pm
Monday:  9am - 8pm
Tuesday:  9am - 8pm
Wednesday:  9am - 8pm
Thursday:  9am - 8pm
Friday:  9am - 10pm
Saturday:  9am - 10pm


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